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Film 2021 awarded £100k Lottery funding

June 3, 2021

Film 2021, our city-wide project celebrating the film-making past, present and future of Bristol City of Film, has been awarded over £100,000 from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

£105,900 has been awarded to Opening up the Magic Box, an element of the Film 2021 programme that will include film screenings across the city, walking tours exploring cinema buildings, photography exhibitions, talks and panel discussions, and the launch of a special publication recounting people’s memories of cinema-going from the past 70 years.

“We are delighted to support Opening Up The Magic Box, a city-wide project celebrating Bristol’s glorious film-making past, transformative present and exciting future. Thanks to National Lottery players, a substantial grant will help a wider and more diverse audience engage with the story of William Friese-Greene, a native Bristolian and pioneer in the field of motion pictures, the city’s iconic cinema history and its vibrant film-making community.” Stuart McLeod, Director London & South at The National Lottery Heritage Fund

“Opening up the Magic Box will provide a variety of ways through which different audiences can engage with the story of William Friese-Greene, the film-makers and photographers inspired by him, Bristol’s cinemas and cinema history, and the city’s contemporary community of film-makers, cinemas and film festivals. We are indebted to National Lottery players and The National Lottery Heritage Fund for their support.” Andrew Kelly, Director, Bristol Ideas, Film2021 delivery partner

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Illustration by Willem Hampson