Diversity & Employment

Bristol is an international city, where people speak 91 languages, come from 187 countries and practice at least 45 religions. The creative industries are a significant part of it’s economy, employing around 16,000 people with a growth rate of around 20% per year.

In recent years the number of people living in Bristol who were born outside the UK has doubled to more than 60,000. As the creative sector continues to grow, it’s vital that we address the issue of diversity within our film and TV industry to ensure the workforce properly reflects the communities living here. This commitment is shared by Bristol City of Film’s UNESCO values, Bristol City Council’s Global Strategy and the BFI’s Diversity Standards. It was a key factor of Channel 4’s decision to set up its new Bristol Creative Hub here, which will include a Creative Diversity department, supporting on and off-screen diversity.

We’re working with the wider cultural sector to address barriers to employment and career progression for people across Bristol’s communities. We champion city projects that tackle the diversity gap, such as the Bristol Culture Standard, Stepping Up Programme, Visualiser apprenticeship programme, Cables & Cameras and ScreenSkills Trainee Finder scheme, and work to increase awareness of production careers and raise career apspirations from a young age.

On 14 May 2019, an event took place at Watershed where key project partners came together to discuss the Screen Diversity Gap. Read about it on the ACH website.

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