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Into FilmBristol, alongside fellow UNESCO City of Film, Bradford and fellow UNESCO Learning City, Belfast, is taking part in Film for Learning, a groundbreaking cross-city film and literacy programme, in partnership with education charity Into Film.

In April 2019 the Paul Hamlyn Foundation confirmed four years of funding for Film for Learning, a senior leader professional development project that will work with 30 schools across Bristol, Belfast and Bradford, with the aim of improving young peoples’ engagement, participation and attainment in literacy by supporting teachers and senior leaders to use film as a tool for teaching and learning.

As UNESCO Cities of Film, Bristol and Bradford have identified Film for Learning as a key ambition in the coming years. Film for Learning will be further bolstered by Bristol and Belfast’s shared UNESCO Learning City status.

Ten Bristol schools began their Film for Learning training in October 2019, with one senior leader and two teachers from each school engaging with a bespoke training programme delivered by boomsatsuma on behalf of Into Film.  The ten Bristol schools are:

  • Chester Park Junior School, Fishponds
  • Christ the King Primary School, Filwood Park
  • Easton Academy, Easton
  • Fishponds Church of England Academy, Fishponds
  • Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Bedminster
  • Knowle Park Primary School, Knowle
  • Sea Mills Primary School, Sea Mills
  • Shirehampton Primary School, Shirehampton
  • Summer Hill Academy, St George
  • Whitehall Primary, Whitehall

Teachers are receiving training from Into Film’s core CPD sessions Teaching Literacy Through Film and Curricular Filmmaking, and are supported to positively impact pupil learning by developing capabilities to use film across the curriculum. Teachers are also supported to become film leaders within their school, giving them knowledge and confidence to share learning with fellow teachers.

Film for Learning is collaboratively supported across the three cities by Into Film partners, Nerve Centre in Belfast, Curriculum Innovation in Bradford, boomsatsuma in Bristol, Bradford City of Film and Bristol City of Film. The project will share expertise across the three cities and initiate a creative network between schools and partner organisations.

Click here for more information about Film for Learning, or check out this case study to see it in practice: